Home Bee Keeping – Simple Strategies to Begin Bee Keeping From Home!

Home bee keeping remains a popular past-time and it appears that a growing number of people these days are turning to bee keeping not only for producing their own tasty honey that they can get access to whenever they want, but also for the enjoyment and satisfaction that it brings.

The main problems is that people see keeping bees as something expert before they can even start to do it and that they need advanced knowledge, but this couldn’t be further from the case – it is quite simple. This is why I’ve created this Report to give you the easy steps that anyone can take to start home bee now, keeping:

1.) Get The Appropriate Tools

Any bee keeper will need the tools of the trade to create a success of this and give a simple time to themselves. Now, don’t panic because it won’t cost a small fortune and the items can actually be picked up for a fairly reasonable price (just do a search on Google for bee keeping websites that sell this stuff – or use eBay for even cheaper products).

All you need to get going are 5 things:

– A beehive opening tool
– A smoke box
– Protective clothing

Obviously you need the beehive to keep the bees in, but the opening tool can be quite helpful for more easily prying open the hive to get the honey and bees outside if needed (however this is not essential). You’ll need the smoke box to placate the bees then opening the hive and the main part – the protective clothing to prevent bites.

2.) Now Get Your Bees!

In order to start home bee keeping, you need some bees! You can get bee colonies for a reasonable price from any bee keeper or reseller (just do an internet search again) and this is the easiest and most common way to receive your bees.

You can (and it’s not recommended) get your bees for free by finding a bees nest in a tree, then removing the branch and shaking them (such as the queen) into a transport box and then taking them home and placing them on your own hive. This does work, however you’ll need your clothing. A lot of people would probably pay you to take away them for them and have bees nests in their gardens!

Want to start home bee but don’t know where to start? Don’t panic, you need the simplest and easiest tips that will have you up and running with bee keeping very quickly and won’t cost you that much money either. Just visit Starting Bee Keeping and you can become a house bee keeper in no time!

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