How to Begin Bee Keeping – Simple Steps to Start Bee Keeping!

A growing number of people are trawling the web for information on how best to start bee keeping (just take a look at all the forum posts and question being asked!) Yet it appears that many folks can’t seem to find any decent information about get going in the first place and how to start bee keeping. Sure, there are plenty of tricks and tips and what not, but no concrete tips on how best to just get started in the first place.

I have been bee and thoroughly enjoy it, and of course the sweet honey all that I have access to whenever I need. This is why I chose to produce this article to Offer the basics all that you need to know to start bee keeping:

1.) The Hive

All bee keeping begins with a hive, where the bees will live since this is. You can build your own hive (simply search Google for various free layouts that you can follow) or if you don’t want to devote the time and effort on this, then you can purchase a hive from a bee keeper reseller online. These shouldn’t break the bank and won’t cost that much money.

2.) The Smoke Box

This is a very useful tool and one that you will want to use from the start. The smoke box is a simple little device that emits smoke as and when required in order to daze the bees that they they are not so aggressive. You open it up and tend to your hive, bees will swarm out and become agitated using the smoke box is a superb way to calm them down.

3.) Protective Clothes

Arguably among the most important things that you’ll need to purchase of the way to start bee 23, and an important aspect. The clothes will include a body-suit together with gloves and helmet which will keep those bee stings at bay and keep you safe. These will be the most expensive thing in your shopping list, but are affordable and won’t break the bank either.

4.) Bees

Oh yeah, and you’ll need. These won’t cost that much and you should only have to purchase your first colony after, then they will take good care of themselves and replicate etc..

Want to learn how to start bee keeping but don’t know where to start? Don’t panic, you will need the simplest and most easy step-by-step tips that won’t cost you that much money and will have you up and running with bee keeping . Visit Starting Bee Keeping and you can become a home bee keeper very quickly!

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