Organic Gardening – Tree Care

Trees are a vital part of your home’s curb appeal and among the investments in your own landscape. Organic gardening methods and maintenance can make certain that your investment remains healthy and anchors your natural garden for years to come.

First, as always, make certain that is ideal for your region. Native trees or trees that have adapted well would be the best choice. Check on the expected size and maintenance with your local nursery. You don’t want to plant a tree that will have to be removed because it grows too large and becomes a hazard to your house or your foundation. Moreover, you don’t want to choose a tree that requires more water than area and your region can supply.

Most trees are planted too deeply and this causes the roots to girdle the base of the tree around and eventually become diseased and die. You’ve planted your tree if the tree trunk goes directly into the soil.

So you’ve finished planted the tree and now you want to ring it with plants. No problem – just give the tree at least 18 inches between the tree trunk and the plant’s roots to ensure trees and plants.

As trees mature, tree care and maintenance is still needed. Aeration of the soil and the grass around the tree enables the trees and the lawn. The tree is kept by adding Horticultural Cornmeal to the soil during the growing season healthy and looking good even in the hottest days of the year.

Your tree flare may also become covered up with mulch, ground soil or cover added after planting over time. Examine your trees’ bottom then in summer and at the start of the season at the start of fall is exposed. You may move the soil and cut back floor cover as needed.

Susan LaRocca has gardening in the Dallas and expertise in landscaping.

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