Urban Garden

Well, I was reading this article about “Urban Gardening” and thought I would share some of my thoughts. Urban gardening to me is gardening anywhere there is more people per acre than mature trees.


No Space, No Problem: Not everyone has a backyard, roof or balcony. To overcome this issue, start a container garden. While decorative pots can be lovely, they don’t improve the quality of your plants and can be expensive. Instead, you can use a large bucket from a garden store, which is a low-cost and effective option. Or upcycle containers not in use, such as crates, old toys or paint cans.


Just remember that anyone can have a garden and there is no limit to size, large or small. A garden can even be grown on a balcony using containers.


Plant Selection: There are vegetable, flower and herb varieties that are easy to grow in urban spaces. When planning your garden, think about what to plant – shallow-rooted veggies, such as herbs, lettuce and radishes typically do better in confined spaces.


There are many new plant selections that grow to a perfect size for small gardens. Many plant breeders have been selecting vegetable plants for small spaces.


Plant Right: Potting your plants takes a few simple steps. Put some gravel in the bottom of your container to help with drainage and fill with soil, tamping it a bit. Leave 1 inch at the top for watering. Tamp the soil after the plants are in place and water gently.


Be sure the soil drains good. It is always easier to add more water than to wish the plants could dry out. Many vegetables produce better if the soil has a good wet dry cycle.


Water Wise: Hand water every morning. Once the plants are large and summer is hot, they will probably need watering in the evening, too. A little afternoon shade can keep them from drying out too quickly.


Never overwater, unless the plant is aquatic. Too much water can lead to root disease and weak growth.


aquaponics harvest


This is just some of the best points I took from the article. Read more here http://www.wsfa.com/story/35707006/10-tips-for-urban-gardening


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