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Best Worm Bin I Have Ever Found – Easily Compost Your Food Waste

John from shares with you the best worm bin he has ever found – The Hungry Bin made in New Zealand and available in the USA which is a flow-through design with no trays to sift or rotate.

Composting your food scraps with worms is the fast, simple and easy way to compost your food waste and transform it into the best fertilizer for your organic garden.

In this episode, John takes you to New Zealand to the home of Ben Bell to share with you his garden and how he composts his food scraps to make the best organic fertilizer for his garden – worm castings.

You will learn about some of the best fertilizers you can add to your garden and how you can make two of them at home. You will also learn about an amazing mulch you can use to mulch your garden that will break down and enrich your garden.

You will learn how easy it is to use a hungry bin worm composter and how to harvest the nutrient-rich worm pee and worm castings.

Next, John will take you to the home of Low Impact Limited, in Auckland, Newzealand to show you how they are composting food waste in their warehouse using the hungry bin. You will discover some of the features of the hungry bin and learn about different types of worms you can use inside the hungry bin.

You will get to see some of the proto-type worm bins that were made out of rolling garbage cans and learn how you might make one yourself. You will learn about some of the many design changes that went in to improve the design of the hungry bin, until the award-winning patented design was finally created.

Next, John will share with you how to hungry bin food waste composting system can be used on a commercial scale to compost all the waste out of a commercial building.

Finally, John will interview the inventor Ben Bell and ask him questions about the hungry bin.

Jump to the following tips:
0:04:31 Best Mulch You can Use in Your Garden
0:07:27 Best Way to add Fertility to your garden
0:08:30 Composting to Make Fertility to your Soil
0:10:50 Break down your food scraps to make the best fertilizer for your garden
0:17:03 Feeding Your Worms (and other creatures in your worm bin)
0:19:18 Harvesting Worm Pee (Liquid Worm Fertilizer)
0:21:28 How to Easily Harvest Worm Castings
0:23:18 What it looks like under the Hungry Bin
0:25:28 Visit to Hungry Bin Warehouse
0:26:23 Best Worm Bin that You can use inside your home
0:29:08 Different Kinds of Worms – Blue Indian Worm and Red Wiggler
0:31:11 How to set up a Hungry Bin to Work Successfully
0:34:52 Best food to add to your Worm Bin to make the best worm castings
0:41:21 Improving to Make the Best Worm Bin
0:43:16 Using a Recycling Bin to make a worm bin
0:44:06 Patented Improved Worm Bin
0:49:17 Using the Hungry Bin to Compost all Food Scraps from a Commercial Building
0:53:30 Interview with Ben Bell
0:53:56 Why did you design the Hungry Bin
0:55:27 How did you come up with the different designs for your worm bin?
0:59:00 Is the Worm Pee or Leachate Good or Bad? What is it?
1:07:58 Worm Tea vs Compost Tea
1:09:50 How can you fail using a hungry bin?
1:12:57 Why don’t you have a supersize worm bin?
1:17:38 Why should someone buy a hungry bin when it costs more than other worm bins
1:21:38 Hungry Bins Are Easiest to Use and Low Labor No Heavy Lifting or Shoveling
1:24:38 Any Final Comments or Words of Wisdom for my viewers?
1:26:38 Where to Purchase and Special Discount Coupon

After watching this episode, you will about the best worm composting bin that you can use to easily compost your food scraps into worm castings that can be used as the best fertilizer for your plants.

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