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How I Doubled My Pepper Production without Pruning

John from shares with you the one fertilizer he added to some of his pepper plants in his garden that doubled his harvest.

You will discover how John determined which soil ammenedment he added to his garden that made a huge difference in yield.

You will learn some of John’s “Best Practices” that allow him to grow his vegetables closer to their genetic potential and taste better, produce more and contain more nutrition.

You discover the specific soil amendments with John adds to his garden to build the soil in his organic garden.

Next, you will discover the experiment that John did in his garden this year to determine which worm casting will reign supreme in a grow-off competition.

You will learn if John’s most liked worm casting, Worm Gold Plus or Organic Solution Premium Worm Castings.

You will learn how John uses all the beyond organic peppers he grows in his garden.

Finally, you will learn why not all worm castings are created equal and a question to ask to learn about the quality of the worm castings.

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