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ORGANIC GARDENING–Build a 🌻Winter Greenhouse🌻 in 1 day for $150!!

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This Video details the entire construction of a high tunnel/ hoop house step by step. This took less than 1 day to build and costs less than $200. Parts 1 and 2 with full construction DIY step by step. Add some 6 mil greenhouse plastic and you have a sturdy structure that will last a long time.

Please use power tools with caution, especially when cutting small pieces. If you are not comfortable with a miter saw, use a table saw or similar. You can also make a jig to hold pieces. Use at your own risk!!!

Shopping List:

(4) 2 x 6 x 10 ———————————$31.96
galvanized screws————————-$7.96
(22) Conduit holder———————–$6.40
(13) 10′ PVC Sch 40———————-$34.71
(6) PVC Coupler Sch 40—————-$4.38
(2) 2 x 4 x10———————————-$11.00
(8) 2 x 4 x 8———————————–$38.64
(2) screen door kit———————— $10.48
Total $145.53

These plastic clamps work awesome!

Here is the 6mil (4 year ) Greenhouse plastic that i use:


Build a raised bed to go with this!!!

Cover the Raised bed with a self watering low tunnel!!!

See my Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Setup:

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