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The Benefits Of Growing An Organic Garden

The Benefits Of Growing An Organic Garden

Gardening is a great hobby, and every single gardener will tell you this. That might not surprise you, but what will is that gardening is a healthy activity that you should engage in. In fact, research has shown that gardening can lower stress levels, lower the chances of depression and lower your blood pressure, if you do it on a regular basis. This is one of the most relaxing activities you can do and when you look at your garden and its plants, you will become happier.

If you decide to have an organic garden, then you’ll be playing your role in protecting the environment. You’ll also be looking after your health, as organic is all natural. The products you’ll be using will be naturally sourced.

No Harmful Chemicals

Organic gardening involves using natural products and not artificial pesticides or fertilizers. This is why people choose organic gardening. When you consume organic produce, then you won’t be consuming veggies or fruits that have been exposed to chemicals that are unhealthy.

It’s Fun

If you want to do something fun, then take up organic gardening. It’s probably a lot more interesting than you think. Plus, the compost you’ll be using will be created from garden waste and kitchen waste. Sure, it’s easier to go to the local gardening store and pick up chemicals and fertilizers, but creating your own chemical-free garden is far more satisfying.

Take Care Of Future Generations

When children don’t ingest harmful toxins and pesticides, then their risk of coming down with health problems in the future are reduced. This is why it’s better to take up organic gardening over gardening that involves the use of chemicals and pesticides.

Protect The Environment

As previously mentioned, you’ll be doing your part to protect the environment. Topsoil has a low likelihood of becoming eroded. By using organic products, you will be doing your part to keep the local water supply clean and safe to drink. This is because you will not introduce pesticides or fertilizers into the drinking water.

It’s More Affordable

If you are watching what you spend, then definitely grow an organic garden. Organic gardens are affordable to maintain. Also, buying your veggies and fruits at your local store can be almost as much as 50% more. You can save a lot of money by growing your own organic fruits and veggies instead of buying organic food.

You can create your very own pest spray that works very well. All you need is about a cup of cooking oil, a tablespoon of dish soap and mixing it with a quart of water. Once it is mixed, you spray it onto your garden. Stale coffee grinds can also be used to create fertilizer. This will also deter pests from your garden.

If you want to experience all of the potential benefits, then start growing an organic garden today.

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