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Try Indoor Grow Closets For Winter Gardening

Although winter brings a break in the outdoor gardening season, it need not stop the intrepid gardener who longs to grow plants even in the months where the climate does not cooperate. It is at this time of year when gardeners’ thoughts turn to indoor gardening. One easy way to get set up for success with indoor gardening is to get an indoor grow to use this winter. Once you try indoor grow closets, you will likely become so hooked on them that you will continue to use them year round.

Grow tent kits take all the hassle out of getting an indoor grow tent set up for the first time. All of the pieces and parts that you will need for the indoor grow tent will be included in the grow tent kits, helping you to get organized and off on the right foot immediately. Set up of the indoor grow tent has also been taken into consideration by the manufacturers; several of these indoor grow closets can be set up in as little as thirty minutes.

As you begin your search for the perfect grow closet, you will want to decide if you want to garden in soil, or if you would prefer to try hydroponic gardening, which is a soilless means of growing excellent fruits, flowers and vegetables. If you live at the top of an apartment building, for example, it can be difficult getting potting soil all the way up to where you would like to garden, so it may be much easier to get a hydro grow tent in this case. You simply put your hydroponic growing system inside your hydro grow tent, add a light and a small exhaust fan and filter, and you are well on your way to growing the plants you like in a perfect, climate-controlled setting provided by indoor grow closets.

While tents are made out of soft materials with reflective inner sides, which help to improve the plants’ exposure to the light inside, a grow closet, which is often used as another name for the tent, can actually have stiff sides, rather like a large box. The inside of the closet is also often coated with shiny material to improve the light saturation inside the box. Bright light is important to plant growth, and all indoor grow lights in some way attempt to replicate natural sunlight that the plants would be exposed to if grown outdoors.

Discount indoor gardening suppliers online will offer a variety of grow tent kits and closets, so you can shop for ones that are suitable in size for your indoor gardening spaces.

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