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Worst and Best Wood Chip Mulch for Your Vegetable Garden

John from goes on a field trip to Nature’s Way Resources in Conroe, Texas to share with you the worst and best wood chip mulch you can use in your vegetable garden.

In this episode, you will learn about wood chip mulch. You will discover how the best type of mulch is made. You will learn if it’s better to have single source wood chip mulch or multi-source mulch,

You will learn about many of the breakdown steps to making the best mulch and why you shouldn’t use dyed mulches available in plastic bags.

You will discover how wood chip mulches can add fertility to your soil instead of lowering fertility and how to avoid this from occurring.

You will learn from soil scientist, John Ferguson the differences in mulch and how the carbon to nitrogen ratio can vary widely that can negatively or positively effect your plants.

You will discover how some mulch can have a specific purpose, such as to make clay soil more fertile, or how wood chip mulch can be used to make a parking lot.

You will learn things you never knew about wood chip mulch and why growing in straight wood chips or soil with a high percentage of wood chips may not always be the best idea.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
01:19 Best Type of Wood to Use for Mulch
02:43 Is it better to chip/shred or grind wood?
04:46 The type of Mulch you don’t want to use
08:46 Double Ground Mulch – Best for Clay
10:50 How does someone know what kind of mulch they are buying?
11:40 Why you shouldn’t buy mulch made out of pallets
12:25 Why you shouldn’t use dyed mulches
13:16 Single sourced wood mulch vs native mulch
14:30 Partially Aged Mulch
17:23 Why can some mulches kill plants?
18:30 Premium Mulch, properly aged 18 months
19:00 How properly aged mulch feeds the soil
19:00 How mulch can help pest control
19:50 How properly aged mulch is fire resistant
20:20 How long can mulch feed your garden?
20:42 how mulch can bring more nitrogen into your garden
22:51 Screened 18-month-old mulch
24:45 how long it takes to make a good quality mulch
25:36 How to use mulch to make a growing medium
28:11 Tips about buying mulch

After watching this episode, you will learn about the worst and best wood chip mulch you can use in your vegetable garden to create more fertility in your garden and protect your soil

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